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About membership

Benefits of IPRC Membership

  1. Be a part of and benefit from the Armenian strong and powerful IP community (“IP Club of Armenia”).
  2. Become a part of the Armenian IP lobbying group.
  3. Attend IPRC's regular monthly seminars, workshops, roundtables and other events.
  4. Apply for and become an IPRC Committee Member.
  5. Publish professional articles in IPRC's Professional IP Journal.
  6. Network with local and foreign IP professionals, authors, inventors and IP right-holders.
  7. Receive discounts on IPRC’s commercial seminars, workshops, roundtables and other events.
  8. Attend IPRC's "IP nights" social gatherings.
  9. Participate in IPRC's projects, suggest new projects and events.
  10. Be listed on IPRC's website as a member, expert, professor, committee member, etc.
  11. Receive discounts on advertising in the IPRC's Professional IP Journal.
  12. Promote yourself and your company in various ways on IPRC's websites and events.
  13. Meet in person with foreign IP professionals, invited to IPRC events.
  14. Other benefits, to be announced.