• 2015-2016 Intellectual Property Moot Court Competition

  • The winners of the 2015-2016 IP Moot Court Competition

  • The Chairman of the IPRC Board of Trustees, Mr. Sarkis Knyazyan, held a Seminar on "Intellectual Property and its Importance for Armenia" for Ayb High School students.

  •  The winners of the 2014-2015 IP Moot Court Competition with the final round judges.

  • IPRC, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Armenia, held a Round Table Discussion on RA Civil Code, Chapter 10 (Intellectual Property)

  • The winners of the 2013-2014 IP Moot Court Competition with the final round judges.

  • CLDP, in cooperation with Armauthor, the IP Agency, and the Ministry of Culture, hosted a one-day awareness raising event in Yerevan for government representatives, local businesses and right holders on collective copyright management.

  • The Chairman of the IPRC Board Mr. Sarkis Knyazyan attended the UC Davis' Licensing Academy, which was hosted by PIPRA. Lecturers included world renowned instructors from the UC Davis School of Law and other prominent law schools, outstanding legal practitioners and business experts representing major U.S. firms.

  • The Chairman of the IPRC Board of Trustees Mr. Sarkis Knyazyan visited Silicon Valley, California, USA (Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Kilpatrick Townsend, SRI International, etc.).

  • Presentation by Mr. Sarkis Knyazyan, at the University of of California, Davis, School of Law, on IPR challenges involved in development and distribution of Malaria Vaccine.

  • Participants of 2014 “I Create” Competition.

2013-2015 Board Members

Sarkis Knyazyan
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Sarkis Knyazyan is the managing partner of Knyazyan & Partners IP Law Firm (www.knyazyanlaw.com), which provides a wide range of legal services in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (copyright, related rights, trademarks, patents, designs, trade secrets, etc.). Mr. Knyazyan is a Yerevan-based Armenian attorney who majored in Intellectual Property and Business Law. He has worked for Arlex International Law Office and the American University of Armenia as a legal counsel; interned for the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Chicago, IL; and served as Intellectual Property Rights Advisor to the Republic of Armenia's Ministry of Economy. Mr. Knyazyan received his Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law from the University of New Hampshire, School of Law (formerly Franklin Pierce Law School) in the United States and completed Haifa University’s WIPO-sponsored program on European Patent Law in Israel. He also completed the Licensing Academy Program on IP and Technology Transfer, organized and implemented by the University of California, Davis School of Law and PIPRA (www.pipra.org). Mr. Knyazyan is a member of the Armenian Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy and teaches IP Law at the American University of Armenia (http://law.aua.am/faculty), and the French University in Armenia.

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Anita Melikian
Member of the Board

Dr. Anita Melikian received her Ph.D with honors from the University of Louis Pasteur in France and is a registered US patent agent. Dr. Melikian has over 15 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry in drug discovery and preclinical development in Europe as well as in the US. She is co-chair of the Life Science committee for the French American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco (FACCSF), a Senior Consulting Partner for IP and business strategy with SciMed Partners and an independent contractor for Franklin & Associates International. Dr. Melikian is also a member of the San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Association (SFIPLA). She is an inventor listed on 20 US-issued patents and worldwide applications and has co-authored multiple scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as a book chapter for “Construct Diversity – A new Paradigm for Combinatorial Chemistry”.

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Noric Dilanchian

Member of the Board

Mr. Noric Dilanchian is the Managing Partner of Dilanchian Lawyers & Consultants (www.dilanchian.com.au) established in 2000 in Sydney, Australia. He has 30 years of experience as an IT and intellectual property law and business specialist. His legal experience since 1983 has been mostly in national and medium sized law firms and before that with Angus & Robertson Publishers. As a business lawyer his practice emphasizes technology and intellectual property protection, management, contracting and commercialization. As a pioneer in the e-commerce, internet, and multimedia industry in Australia he is a former President of Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (www.aimia.com.au). Since 1983 he has been a specialist in contract negotiation, drafting, and process design, especially contracts for intellectual property and IT. Mr. Dilanchian has reviewed, prepared and advised several thousand contracts and wrote a chapter on licensing trends in Australia for the 2009 book Licensing Update (published by Wolters Kluwer). As a blogger since 2006 he has published over 400 substantive articles on Lightbulb, one of the most trafficked law blogs in Australia. Mr. Dilanchian excels in helping clients integrate legal and business strategy to protect, document, manage and commercialize intellectual property, technology and knowledge assets. Client businesses include technology start-ups, web and mobile app developers and investors, technology and entertainment companies, wineries, print and electronic publishers, owners of fashion labels and industry associations. In 2013 Mr. Dilanchian launched www.annexium.com. Annexium is an integrated e-learning, publishing and practitioner web app designed to improve contract drafting, contract standardization, productization, modularization, workflow and related business systems, functions and processes. He graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia with degrees in Arts and Law.

Description: picSusanna Nersisyan

Member of the Board

Ms. Susanna Nersisyan is the director of Armauthor NGO (www.armauthor.am). Ms. Nersisyan previously worked as head of department for the Armenian branch of All-Union Copyright Agency and as a deputy director for the Armenian National Copyright Agency.  She has actively participated in the works of approximation of the Armenian Copyright and Related Rights legislation to the International best practices and to the provisions of the Bern Convention.  Ms. Nersisyan has also authored a number of articles and publications on copyright and related rights. Ms. Nersisyan received her Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law from the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law.

Grigor BarseghyanDescription: pic

Member of the Board

Mr. Grigor Barseghyan is the director of the Armenian branch of Microsoft Corporation (www.micarmenia.am). He was heavily involved in the establishment and operation of the Microsoft Innovation Center of Armenia. In 1979, he worked as an engineer for the “Hayhastots” R&D center, and thereafter as a senior researcher and head of department. He is the author of two inventions, for which he received high recognition. In 1988, Mr. Barseghyan was the director of the “Temp” scientific center. From 1996 to 2005, Mr. Barseghyan was the director of the “Migma” computer center, which later became one of the leading organizations in the field of information technology in Armenia. Mr. Barseghyan has played a serious role in the development of the IT sector in Armenia, being one of the founders of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises of Armenia (UITE), a member of the Information Technologies Development Support Council (ITDSC) and a University Alumni Council member of the State Engineering University of Armenia.Mr. Barseghyan graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute (currently the State Engineering University of Armenia), the Business School of Odessa, and the Leadership Department of INSEAD business school in France.

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Member of the Board
Dr. Rhoda Manook currently works at the European Patent Office as a patent examiner for semiconductor technology. Over the past ten years she has worked as an engineer in a number of companies such as Qimonda and Tyco Electronics, and she also spent a year and a half in Armenia 2002-2003 volunteering with the Armenian Volunteer Corps. Dr. Rhoda holds her Ph.D., as well as her MEng, from the University of Cambridge. She is a native speaker of English and fluent in Armenian and German.
Description: picHagop Panossian
Member of the Board

Dr. Hagop Panossian is a former Technical Fellow at Boeing, Rocketdyne, and specializes in control systems, structures and vibration suppression, as well as health management and diagnostics of engine systems. He has over 30 years of experience in control & modeling of rocket engines, large space structures and actuation systems, failure detection, stochastic systems, vibration damping, and optimal and adaptive control. He has registered two patents. Dr. Panossian is an adjunct professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of California State University in Northridge. He has published more than 80 articles in numerous technical journals and conference proceedings (in the fields of control systems, modeling and control of dynamic systems, vibration suppression, and failure detection). He has designed the control system for the SRS 2200, the Aerospike engine, the most advanced rocket engine ever built and tested, and has worked on the Space Shuttle Main Engine, the National Aerospace Plane, the International Space Station and in other NASA and Air Force programs. As president of the Institute of Analysis Research & Planning for Armenia (ARPA), he has worked extensively with the government of Armenia as a member of the Economic & Industrial Advisory Board, as well as with various Ministries of the Republic of Armenia. ARPA organizes the annual “Invention Competition” for university students in Armenia as well as monthly lectures in Los Angeles on various topics of interest to Armenians and Armenia. Dr. Panossian also helps organize conferences and seminars directed towards the enhancement of environmental and scientific achievements in Armenia. Dr. Panossian received his B.S. in mathematics from the American University of Beirut, his M.S. in applied mathematics from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, and his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles in Control Systems Engineering. He taught math and sciences for five years in the C. Gulbenkian College in Anjar, Lebanon.